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  Daenok “Reptile” Cynrik

         Given Name: Daenok
         Human name: “Reptile”
         Family Name: Cynrik
         Birth Year: 1305
         Age: 20 (physically) / 50 (chronologically)
         Height: 6.9 ft. (2.10 m / 210 cm)
         Weight: 353 lbs. (160 kg)
         Sex: Male
         Race: Lizard (colloquially "Reptilian")
         Homeworld: Rulus
         Birthplace: Chron
         Caste: Warrior
         Status: Honorary Knight

Disclaimer: “Reptile” is the creation of The Reptile Universe and its creator. His biographical information is taken from translated works (original language: German) and his personality and character are interpreted by the player from the same translated sources.

Name: Reptile's native name is "Daenok,” which means "honorable" in the Reptilian tongue. During his time with the human settlement, Daenok received a Rulusian (human) name: “Reptile,” a fittingly plain and simple word for "lizard boy" to humans. But when Reptile visits with his own kind, they refer to him by his Reptilian name. Thus, most humans call Daenok “Reptile” and all Reptilians call Reptile “Daenok” respectively.

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  Daenok’s Sexual Preferences

Name: Daenok “Reptile” Cynrik
Sex: Male
Race: Reptilian
Age: 20 (physically) / 50 (chronologically)
Height: 6.9 ft. (2.10 m / 210 cm)
Weight: 353 lbs. (160 kg)
Orientation: Homosexual
Position: Bottom (doesn't mind topping)
Penis Size: Large
Penis Length: 12 inches
Penis Girth: 3 inches
Penis Spines: Yes (small)
Knot Size: 4 inches
Testicles: Internal (external on request)

Sexual Points )
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Name: Daenok “Reptile” Cynrik

Scale Color: Dark Green / Olive
Plate Color: Sandy Tan
Digit / Foot Plates: Turquoise
Claw Color: Silver Gray
Horn Color: Sandy Tan
Eye Color: Yellow (sclera), Green (iris), Black (pupil)
Height: 6.9 ft (2.10 m / 210 cm)
Body Build: Muscular Athletic
Arms: Clawed Humanoid
Legs: Reptilian Digitigrade
Horn Style: Shark-fin Curved
Tail Length: 5 feet (approx)

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Internal Biology )
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Name: Daenok “Reptile” Cynrik

Race: Lizard (colloquially "Reptilian")
Homeworld: Rulus
Birthplace: Chron
Color: Green
Caste: Warrior
Warrior Armor: Upper Body (metal) / Lower Body (leather)
Casual Clothing: Loincloth (leather) / Jewelry (silver)
Weapon: Dragonclaw (Glaive)

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